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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Health Care Foundation
"...a non-profit corporation formed to care for the physical and emotional needs of sex workers and people who work in the adult entertainment industry through our HIV and STD testing and treatment, our counseling services and our support group programs."

Adventures in Sexuality (Pan Poly BDSM)
"...a growing Pansexual, Polyamorous BDSM/Kink Fun Group in Central Ohio. Within the banner of AIS, there are many sub-groups where people can find their niche...."

Alfred Press
"...a writer's cooperative that publishes books on alternative relationship structures and alternative sexual lifestyles."

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)
"In addition to sexuality educators, sexuality counselors and sex therapists, AASECT members include physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, allied health professionals, clergy members, lawyers, sociologists, marriage and family counselors and therapists..."

atlanticpoly - Atlantic Canada Polyamory talk and chat!
"Pull up a chair and introduce yourself to the polyamorous community in Atlantic Canada. Come in if you're in a poly relationship or just curious and want to learn more about polyamory. We'd love to hear from you!"

Australian Sex Party (ASP)
"...a political response to the sexual needs of Australia in the 21st century. It is an attempt to restore the balance between sexual privacy and sexual publicity..."

Ball, The (Canada)
"Manitoba's Premier Pan-sexual Fetish Event..."

Baltimore Maryland Polyamory Network (BMPN)
"...a social group for people in the Baltimore area who are polyamorous or curious about polyamory; and for their partners and friends, whether polyamorous or not. It is a safe venue where people can meet and speak freely with others with a similar approach to living and loving."

"We are a group of people who have become family by birth or by choice. We are those who live in Bedlam-On-Green House in Victoria, BC or nearby and also those who love us but live at a distance...."

Bend-Poly-Community (Central Oregon, USA)
"...an Intentional Community for polyamourous families. Couples, triads etc. M-F-M or F-M-F, or those interested in a poly life-style."

Beyond Marriage
"We, the undersigned, suggest that strategies rooted in the following principles are urgently needed: Recognition and respect for our chosen relationships, in their many forms..."

Bi-Polyamory-Ottawa - The Ottawa bi and poly Groups (Canada)
"This group is the local link to the bi and poly communities in Ottawa...."

BiPoly Utah
"Providing a safe, accepting atmosphere for open discussion on bisexual and polyamorous issues...."

Birdcage, The
"... if you live in, or have some connection with New York State and practice or are interested in any of the relationship styles known as polyamory, polyfidelity, or other related forms of responsible non-monogamy, then this is the place for you!"

BiState Polyamory (eastern Missouri/southwestern Illinois, USA)
"Polyamory: The ability to love, and to be loved, by more than one person at a time. Willingness to extend that freedom to the people that you love."

Body Electric School, The
"...to help people experience their potential as fully integrated, loving and self-aware beings through personal growth exercises, touch, conscious breath, and honouring the wisdom of the body. The individual's work can then affect healthy and positive changes within many communities."

"...a New England-area pansexual BDSM group for motivated kinky individuals age 18-35 that is dedicated to education, outreach, and an enriching social environment within the leather community."

Breathless - Ottawa's Alternative
"... a community centre and private club that caters to alternative lifestyles such as BDSM, swinging, GLBTQ, goth, pagan, and many more. We are a sex-on-premises club and promote safe sex."

BrevardPoly (Yahoo Group)
"This is a real life group that meets occasionally for dinner, coffees, movies and discussions about having multiple, responsible, loving relationships...."

Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA)
"We're here because we have a right to live with the people we love, and Canadian law doesn't seem to recognize that. Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada purports to outlaw polyamorous people living together as families."

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