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Borland Software Corporation

CopyLeft and Open Source Licenses

...that your license differs from this License) and (b) otherwise make it clear that Your version of the license contains terms which differ from the Mozilla Public License and Netscape Public License. (Filling in the name of the Initial Developer, Original Code or Contributor in the notice described in Exhibit A shall not of themselves be deemed to be modifications of this License.) 6.4 * Origin of the Interbase Public License. * The Interbase public license is based on the Mozilla Public License...

--InterBase Public License (IPL), Version 1.0. (Paragraph 63.)


List of Licenses

InterBase Public License (IPL)


Note: A license being listed in the Copyleft and Open Source Center does not mean it is endorsed. These licenses are provided as a reference to encourage and promote the Open Source movement. Nothing within these pages should be considered as legal advice.

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