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Blacksburg Tactical Research Center (BTRC)

CopyLeft and Open Source Licenses

...amount of ten dollars (US$10.00). 8. Trademarks "EABA" is a trademark of BTRC. Subject to the terms and conditions of this License, BTRC hereby grants You, effective on the date You accept this License, a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive License to use the trademark "EABA" for the sole purpose of Distributing EABA-compatible works. Acceptable graphic representations of the EABA logo are available at www.btrc.net. This License does not grant You any rights to use the trademark or trade...

--EABA Open Supplement License, Version 1.0. (Paragraph 24.)


List of Licenses

EABA Open Supplement License


Note: A license being listed in the Copyleft and Open Source Center does not mean it is endorsed. These licenses are provided as a reference to encourage and promote the Open Source movement. Nothing within these pages should be considered as legal advice.

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