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  • Communism and Capitalism are the Same Thing: A Story

    The Philosopher Between the Capitalist and the Communist

    Chapter 32 : Revolution Among the Revolutionaries

    By Punkerslut

    Image by Bora S. Kamel, CC BY-NC-SA License
    Image: By Bora S. Kamel, CC BY-NC-SA License

    Start Date: February 18, 2014
    Finish Date: October 21, 2014

         Roz and Pan had continued their battle against the forces of Solon and Hammurabi in what remained of Anarchia, but Emma and Benjamin were planning their own battles. Athenian forces kept encroaching further and further against Anarchist rebels on the Eastern side of Anarchia, while Babylonian forces to the south were pushing against the revolutionary armies on the Northern front of Anarchia. But in Athens and Babylon, there were different forces pushing against different obstacles. There were different masses convulsing in different storms. There were different wars beginning in different parts of the planet. "Was it still Communism versus Capitalism, or was it really Anarchism versus Statism? Was it both? Was it neither?" the Philosopher chews on an apple in between puffs on his pipe, "If someone believes it but not everyone believes it, then I guess it must be somewhere in between. Maybe even they didn't really know where they stood, because they were always so busy moving around and doing stuff."

         There was still Anarchia, but it no longer had vibrant, Anarchist personalities directing and organizing its own society. The original Anarchists had sectioned themselves off at one point from the Communist and Capitalist empires in their own settlement, but now, they had sectioned themselves off from the great masses in Athens and Babylon. The masses had become so bland and homogenized, and the minority of Anarchists in those Statist empires became hardened and alienated, sometimes called pseudo-intellectuals, coffee-shop intellectuals, déclassé intellectuals, or when someone wanted to be mean, then simply intellectuals. A day of revolt was the only conclusion possible for the rebels in their determination and the majority in their obstinance. It wasn't something decided by the efficiency of organizing among the rebels and it wasn't decided by the degree of police repression employed to keep "ringleaders" imprisoned, detained, or otherwise legally made inaccessible to their movements. The day of revolt was something that everyone had a hand in making, those who participate in fighting for the state, those who participate in fighting against it, and the many masses who felt a need for nothing but security as the only satisfying garnish to their state-mandated liberty.

    Image by Jacob Anikulapo, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 License
    Image: By Jacob Anikulapo, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 License

          "Put up the barricades!" Emma said, her voice full of enthusiasm and anger, with a small amount of disappointment showing through, "Make sure every house keeps every window open! We can fight those cops, house by house and street by street!" Large quantities of Unionists joined Emma in fighting, and while there was a handful of Cooperativists and Socialists among the new Anarchist guerrillas in Athens, it was the architects of the Cooperativist movement who provided the designs to the whole city's infrastructure to the movement, it was the Socialists who were the first to build the barricades and spill their blood upon them. The police station was burned, the archive of property records was burned, the Embassy to Babylon was burned, the church was burned, and the university was burned. Anarchist rebels were quickly approaching the palace of Solon, literally only a few hundred feet away from the king of all Statist Communism, when imperial soldiers arrived in the streets. A group of young men, most of them between aged sixteen and twenty, had spent the past ten years of their lives training in how to kill human life -- and it was this group that permanently put to rest many men and women fighting in the rebellion. But before Emma retreated with the Anarchist contingent, she looked up, and caught a glance of Solon watching her, just before disappearing down through a number of wiry and winding side-alleys. Emma's Anarchist Army disappeared into the woods and mountains outside of Athens.

          "I object to that order!" Benjamin said, his voice full of rage and dignity, with a small amount of disillusionment creeping between the syllables, "This court has no right to tell a small proprietor that their three-hundred-year-old, property deed is now suddenly invalid just because a large company wants the land!" Ben's battle was different from Emma's. He was still called all of the same names, he was still ostracized from the same great mass, he was still just one person, and the state was still quite a few more, no matter how much sympathy he could get from people who had seen or heard of his struggle. Ben was constantly being called out by judges and professional juries, he was constantly making small talk with the bailiff and counting bricks in a cell reserved for arrogant lawyers, he was constantly being the one voice that made any sense out of the screaming roar of the great many at any government office. And finally, he was imprisoned permanently, although the phrase "indefinitely" was used to make something appear differently than it was. The war of the Anarcho-Communist came to an end when professional soldiers removed stacked cobblestones called barricades by using forced labor with drunks they found at local taverns. The war of the Anarcho-Capitalist came to an end when a man in a black robe swung a piece of wood in his hand against a piece of wood sitting on his desk. Emma was a fugitive hunted by the authorities, Benjamin was a prisoner held by the authorities. It was a world where there were no more free Anarchists.

    Image by Glenn Halog, CC BY-NC License
    Image: By Glenn Halog, CC BY-NC License

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